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Daddy Bought Me A Bow & Some Arrows 

Deb Hamel brings you book two of Daddy's Hunting Series! 

Debber loves to watch her Daddy practice archery. She dreams of one day being able to practice with a bow of her own! With her eighth birthday just around the corner, she may be in for a surprise…

Daddy Bought Me a Bow & Some Arrows is a fantastic introduction to archery for young children. Filled with educational, entertaining, anecdotes, and vibrant illustrations this book is sure to keep your little adventurers captivated!

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​Daddy’s Hunting Series has been endorsed by Drury Outdoors, HOYT Archery, John Williams -1972 Olympic Gold medalist in Archery, Hunt of a Lifetime Foundation, and many more. See for yourself why some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry are encouraging their fans to read the Daddy’s Hunting Series!

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